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All of the things in healthcare one could worry about, how is it that waiting rooms have risen to a prominent position in the hierarchy of concerns? Yep, waiting rooms.

One of the first spaces patients and families encounter, the waiting room is traditionally considered a necessary element in every hospital and medical facility, yet it rarely drives the planning process and seldom is subjected to a rigorous review. At best, architects and planners typically follow codes and/or guidelines to determine the number of seats per whatever unit of the area it serves, and then try to make it look nice while accommodating the particular physical needs of the population who will use it. Done.

Not so fast.

Some of the points are

·         Make waiting more pleasant

·         Give patients something useful to do while they wait

·         Reduce or eliminate the need for waiting

Medical interior design is dishing up acute care services right in the communities they serve via a new building type: the micro hospital.

We also offer a complete turnkey solution via our Design & Construct package, which sees us manage the entire process from pre-design to medical centre fit-out. Our healthcare interior designers ensure that clinic design and fit outs are completed to an exceptionally high standard and ready to receive patients.

Our success is based on a commitment to excellence, combined with years of experience.

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